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Fate and destiny has got you to here, now it’s time to work out taking your next step.

So let me reveal a snapshot off your life and how better off you could be.

Clairvoyant Norm Campbell

Norm started his study of Tarot Cards whilst still a young adolescent, teaching and learning over the years from other readers and from his own personal experience. His motivation was fuelled by a fascination and love of the supernatural. Having formal training within various spiritual traditions including Wicca, Spiritualism and Shamanism, it was here that his gifts of insight was noticed and developed.

Norms gifts in Tarot and Tea Leaf Reading were supported and refined under tutelage of a lady of gypsy descent. His passion is to guide people in using his intuitution through Clairvoyance, Tarot and Tea Leaf Reading, and is also undertaking a Bachelor in Health Science (Naturopathy).

Thank you for viewing this site, and no doubt Norm will be looking forward to reading for you in the near future.

Online or Brisbane Clairvoyant Readings

From Time to time we reflect on where we are heading in life. Norm is ready to help guide you and answer any burning questions that you may currently have. Are we making the right decisions, who is going to be my next lover entering my path, where is my career going, or what changes are happening in my life?

All these questions and more, Norm has been helping answer for his clients. Let Norm take a snapshot of your life and see how better off you could be.